Which Scripture translations are used in Give Us This Day?
How does Give Us This Day determine which saints’ memorials and feasts to recognize?
How does Give Us This Day determine who to profile in the “Blessed Among Us” feature?
Why is it that the prayers and readings used at Mass on some days do not match those in Give Us This Day?
Does Give Us This Day feature the official Liturgy of the Hours?
Do you offer discounts for multiple-copy subscriptions?
How can I give the gift of Give Us This Day to someone I know?
Can I get a sample of Give Us This Day for myself or a friend?
Can I request samples for our parish, prayer group, bible study, or other group?
Do you sell, lease or rent subscriber names?
Why do I receive renewal notices so far ahead of the end of my subscription?
How is artwork selected for use in an issue?

Tech Support FAQ

How do I access the app or online content?
How do I navigate within the digital edition on my desktop or laptop computer?
When I try to login I get the message: "Username or password not found."
I reset my password. It does not work and I'm certain that it is the right one.
Will my Give Us This Day account work on other websites?
Why can’t I access back issues of my digital subscription?
When I click on "Digital Login", I get a "Too many redirects" message