Evening Intercessions

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Photo of Crusader fortification arches in Caesarea by Br. Ælred Senna, OSB. Used with permission.

Ever-mindful God, you are all-knowing and all-loving. With holy fear we pray: O God, make us one in you. 

Inspire us to greater love, respect, and reverence for you, one another, and all of creation.  

     O God, make us one in you.  

Safeguard places of worship, recreation, lodging, and hospitality.  

     O God, make us one in you. 

Reconcile and heal families and groups that are grievously divided. 

     O God, make us one in you. 

Our Father . . . 

May God free our hearts from all that keeps us from mutual love, through Jesus our savior and our peace. Amen. 

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Sr. Susan Barber, OSB

Sister Susan Barber, OSB, is a member of the Benedictine Community of Mount St. Scholastica in Atchison, KS. She received a master’s degree in Music from UMKC and a master’s degree from Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. Susan is currently the community’s liturgist. She is one of the community’s main organists and pianists. Susan graduated from Souljourners in 2018 and offers retreats at Sophia.

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